Women's Self Defense

Krav Maga Canada Modern World Self Defense is a female friendly environment. We offer an in-depth women’s self defense course that is a 12 part workshop, hosted once a month. This course allows women to train together in an all-female environment where they can learn self defense techniques that encompass the most common attacks used against females. Such techniques include - but are not limited to - bear hugs, chokes, hair pull, wrist grabs, hostage attacks, mounted ground attacks and weapons defense training. The 90 Minute session includes a 30 minute Krav Maga Conditioning session (Full body workout based on Martial Arts training) followed by a 60 minute workshop. In addition to the physical aspects of the class, students will be provided a question and answer session where questions and concerns that are unique to woman’s self defense can be discussed in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

The goal of this workshop is to empower our female students with the knowledge and skills to help them feel confident in any situation, both in and out of training.