Krav Maga Teens 

When teaching Krav Maga, the target audience dictates the emphasis. Childrens' programs are designed to help them identify and escape dangerous situations. Teens are taught how to deal with dangers more relevant to them. This includes how to resolve cases of bullying, verbal threats, risks of physical violence, sexual assault and understanding reasonable use of force in cases of self-defense. Prevention is the key.

We do not promote or advocate for any use of physical force, if at all possible. De-escalation is the primary method used to avoid any situation. Only after all attempts to de-escalate or escape the situation are exhausted, does the self-defense aspect of Krav Maga become necessary.

Students bond quickly as they help one another through the curriculum while learning discipline, gaining self-confidence and building character, all of which prepares them for life's future challenges. Krav Maga for teens is designed for ages 12 to 16.