1. Why is Krav Maga different? - It Works.
Techniques are simple, effective and easy to learn and execute under situations of extreme stress like a street attack.

2. Is Krav Maga a competitive, controlled sport? - Yes and No. It's Reality Based.
Krav Maga training focuses only on real-world responses to real-life scenarios. Other martial arts offer controlled settings where rules, tradition and rituals apply, whereas Krav Maga focuses on everyday environments and situations.

3. Who should practice Krav Maga? -Everyone! Anyone can learn it.
Krav Maga doesn't rely on physical size or strength. It leverages the body's natural mechanics, instincts and unavoidable
reactions. Short, skinny, fit or not, Krav Maga does not require any special experience or ability. Krav Maga is for everyone.

4. Will I get into shape? Yes! It's a Great Workout!
The fast-paced, high-intensity classes are great for people of fitness levels. The drills and techniques provide full body
conditioning, cardio, strength and interval training. Krav Maga is great for beginners, fitness enthusiasts or experienced
martial arts practitioners looking to branch out.

5. What other benefits can I expect to gain? -It will help you in many other areas of your life.
Krav Maga's most valuable asset might be its mental training. Krav Maga students report a boost in self-confidence, overall
energy, a heightened level of awareness and alertness. They become more observant, resourceful and decisive. It is a
great stress release and increases focus, endurance and stamina. Students learn the importance of minimizing risks or the
dangerous consequences of potential missteps.

6. Is Krav Maga a community? -Absolutely. You will make life long friends.
The bond made during training is unique and life-lasting. Students come from all walks of life, with different abilities, goals,
stories, and experiences that shape them. The trust, care and encouragement that students have with and for each other
brings people together in a way that is unforgettable and difficult to replicate.

7. Do I need special equipment or clothing? Yes and No.

We recommend bringing any protective gear you may have, groin cup, mouthguard, helmet. If you don't have these already, don't worry! We can help you. For your first few classes, just advise your training partners that you aren't wearing protective gear so they can be sure to avoid making contact during training drills, until you have everything you need. Wear clothing you are comfortable exercising in and be prepared to sweat. We recommend more fitted, breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics. 


8. What is the most important reason to train in Krav Maga? - It Can Save Your Life.
We train hoping students will never have to use their Krav Maga skills. As many precautions as we take, we can never know
when a threat might present itself – traveling, going to the bank machine, walking to the car, running the trails. Knowing
how to keep you and your loved ones safe is something everyone should consider.